Coach sportif, Professeur de fitness


A youth holistic health coach, certified as a personal trainer level 3, coach, nutrition expert and meditation teacher specializes in helping teenagers feeling comfortable in their own skin through physical fitness, creating healthy nutrition habits, learning to adapting an healthy mindset towards themselves, life and other people. I'll support teenagers to becoming motivated to working towards their dreams and desired goals.
Through meditation, I'll help teenagers becoming aware of their emotions, feelings and thoughts. They will be able to regulate and release their stress. So, teens will get to know themselves better and will be managing conflicts in a constructive way.
Last but not last because of my years of self exploration studies, I'm helping teens to express themselves through communication. So they will become active listeners and communicators.
This powerful combination of working on the physical, mental and emotional level, teenagers will find their own purpose.

You, as an employer can hire me for your private household, to train your child or children in physical fitness, mindset and nutrition coaching, meditation and communication.

I have experience in several martial arts since young ages and self development studies. In my personal training sessions, I'm trained to working in a gym or with minimal equipment, functional training, stability and corrective exercises, partner and small group personal training, Cardio (circuits, Tabata/Interval/Continuous), Fitness yoga, Fitness Boxing.
As a nutrition coach, I'll help teenagers creating healthy habits towards food and conscious eating. They will learn how to influence the consequences of their emotions and thoughts on their eating behavior. So, it will help them to stay physically fit and healthy. As this is part of mindset coaching, teenagers get tools to achieve their goals in every areas of their life. I'm certified in NLP and did a combined personal trainer/coaching certification.
I did a meditation teacher training in the UK. I teach the management of thoughts, emotions. . . . . . correct breathing, posture and several methods of meditation.
During my personal trainer certification, I already gained experience to train members of the public. Apart from that, I worked as a mobile PT.

By interest contact me for more information. I'm willing to relocate to the French Riviera.

Coach sportif, Professeur de fitness
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