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MADAME EST SERVIE is the #1 worldwide exclusive network for Domestic Staff Jobs. We offer a unique service for Household Staff recruitment by putting in touch recruiters and candidates via an exclusive platform.

RECRUITER : You are looking for Domestic Staff for you main property, Villa, Mansion, Estate, Chalet, B&B or Hotel, register and publish your ad. Candidates with a matching profile will apply to your offer, either directly to you or to us if you prefer to keep anonymous.

MADAME EST SERVIE gives you access to our database of selected international candidates to help you finding the best Household Staff with a permanent, temporary or seasonal contracts.

CANDIDATE : You are looking for a job in a private property as a Domestic Couple, House Manager, Butler, Governess, Nanny... Become a member and publish your profile online for recruiters to find you.

MADAME EST SERVIE gives you the opportunity to apply directly with recruiters.


Discover a new way to recruit through an exclusive network

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•  Publish your job offers with confidence

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•  Get applications quickly submitted by the platform

•  Access to our international database of candidates 

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•  Divide by more than 10 the cost of your recruitment

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Recruit your Cook, Family office, Aide ménagère, Majordome junior, Nanny, Sommelier, Homme toutes mains, Estate worker, Secretary, Gardener, Butler, Professeur de golf, Driver, Fitness instructor, Domestic couple, Private chef, Home ironer, Stewardess, Server, Assistante personnelle, Valet , Houseman, Concierge, House manager, Pâtissier, Security agent, Massage staff, Chef jardinier, Household couple, Styliste, Dog sitter, Beautician, Laundress, Concierge, Companion, Tuteur, Bodyguard, Domestic worker, Tennis teacher, Personal trainer, Caretaker couple, Handyman, Guardian, Carer, Governess, Head waiter, Moniteur de ski, General estate worker, Hairdresser, Groom, Laidy's maid, Maternity nurse, Estate manager among our

Featured candidates

Assistante personnelle, Secretary Private chef, Cook General estate worker, Domestic couple Butler, Driver Cook, Private chef Assistante personnelle, Guardian Handyman, General estate worker House manager, Butler Driver, General estate worker Governess, Domestic worker Driver, Butler Butler, Assistante personnelle Estate worker, Butler Companion, Carer Butler, Head waiter Assistante personnelle, General estate worker Cook, Private chef Handyman, Laidy's maid Butler, Governess Private chef, Cook Butler, Domestic worker Estate manager, Assistante personnelle Assistante personnelle, House manager Concierge, Domestic worker House manager, Governess Governess, Assistante personnelle House manager, Estate manager Driver, Estate worker Domestic couple, Caretaker couple Guardian, Driver Household couple, Domestic couple Gardener, Handyman Assistante personnelle, Family office Assistante personnelle, Family office Carer, Companion Concierge, Guardian Household couple, Domestic couple Private chef, Head waiter Bodyguard, Driver Domestic worker, Nanny Cook, Butler Guardian, Gardener Domestic couple, Household couple Butler, Assistante personnelle Domestic worker, Laidy's maid Governess, Companion Carer, Companion Assistante personnelle, Estate worker Homme toutes mains, Driver Cook, Private chef Domestic worker, Companion Estate worker, Domestic worker Governess, Nanny Private chef, Domestic worker Fitness instructor, Nanny Butler, Head waiter General estate worker, Estate worker Assistante personnelle, Companion Assistante personnelle, Concierge Companion, Assistante personnelle Assistante personnelle, Estate manager Domestic couple, Caretaker couple Estate manager, House manager Private chef, Cook Estate manager, Butler Assistante personnelle, House manager Cook, Guardian Caretaker couple, Household couple Private chef, Cook Butler, Estate worker Nanny, Governess Estate worker, Butler Companion, Domestic worker Private chef, Butler Private chef, Cook Butler, Estate worker Caretaker couple, Household couple Handyman, Guardian Private chef, Cook Assistante personnelle, House manager Domestic worker, Governess Private chef, Cook Assistante personnelle, Concierge Security agent, Domestic couple Domestic worker, Cook Concierge, Domestic couple Butler, Governess Head waiter, Server Guardian, Driver Estate worker, Assistante personnelle Nanny, Maternity nurse Governess, Domestic worker Assistante personnelle, Companion Assistante personnelle, Concierge Private chef, Cook Private chef, Cook Nanny, Domestic worker Governess, Assistante personnelle Governess, Laidy's maid Guardian, Butler Guardian, Cook Estate worker, Estate manager Carer, Companion Concierge, Companion Assistante personnelle, Family office Domestic couple, Caretaker couple Governess, Stewardess General estate worker, Guardian Private chef, Pâtissier Governess, Companion Nanny, Domestic worker Domestic couple, General estate worker Private chef, Cook House manager, Driver House manager, Butler Governess, House manager Cook, Head waiter Domestic couple, Caretaker couple Butler, House manager Private chef, Cook Guardian, House manager Domestic couple, Gardener Cook, Private chef Private chef, Cook Cook, Domestic worker Assistante personnelle, Estate manager Private chef, Cook Governess, Domestic worker Governess, Assistante personnelle Assistante personnelle, Estate manager Private chef, Cook House manager, Estate worker Butler, Assistante personnelle Governess, Nanny Governess, Nanny Domestic couple, Caretaker couple Domestic worker, Laundress Gardener, Homme toutes mains Private chef, Cook Governess, Cook
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