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Chef privé, Cuisinier

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I’ve always loved cooking, but I’ve decided to become a Chef right when I realized that with my work I wanted to do something that would satisfy a basic human need.

Cooking for me has been a long travel of self discovery, which is still ongoing, each and every day. It puts me continuously in touch with the cycles of nature, and gives me a chance to express my creativity following my inspiration.

Along the way I’ve come to realize that my interest is not merely on the aesthetics of food; I’m interested in its but essence, it’s nutritional value, which is the deeper bond between mankind and its surrounding.

My cooking comes as a result of such process of growth and self realization.

I’ve got about 10 years of professional cooking on my shoulders, working for some of the world’s most prestigious Chefs, traveling from Asia, to Europe, from North to South America, to get down the technique, the skills.

The constant during these years has always been on achieving the highest quality, as a form of respect to both the guest, the environment and myself as a Chef, nevertheless.

The final decision to become a Private Chef has come with the realization that this would be the ultimate way to constantly deliver such quality, and this is when rootfood, my personal company, was born.

Since 2017 I’ve been working as a Private Chef for very exclusive HNW and UHNW Clients, and I’m always striving to deliver the very best.

Giulio Urbani, Chef and Nutritionist

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