Office manager, Family office


Hello. My name is Karina. I have a rich and varied work experience. Throughout my professional experience, I have developed strong skills in personal assistance, administration and human resources management. My work in international companies and my studies, form a sure foundation for any type of occupation that will require skills in administration and personal assistance.

I worked for many years as an Assistant and as a Human Resources specialist. These years have honed my abilities to be caring and respectful to others, providing my employer with the best service and assistance. I have always cared about the needs of the staff of the company where I worked.

Before joining the real estate agency where I worked during the last two years, I had a wonderful experience of organizing large private events for my friends. I also traveled a lot meeting different people from all over the world. It helped me to realize that I have a natural talent and a real passion for hospitality and events. I have a strong sense of service. The desire to take care of people and make them happy has always attracted me.

I would be happy to join your family to help you to make your administrative life much easier.

Office manager, Family office
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