Estate manager, Régisseur

Laurence COUSIN

I am a highly trained professional with over 20 years experience in private and corporate hospitality. Over my tenure, I have had the privilege of managing an extensive portfolio of high-end properties across the Caribbean, Europe, Connecticut, Florida, Manhattan and Westchester County, NY.

Managing multiple properties entails the development and adoption of a holistic approach; from training staff to carefully crafting manuals and standard operating procedures in order to provide homeowners with consistent and exceptional 5-star level service.

As a Director of Properties/Estate Manager, my primary aim is to manage homeowner’s properties based on their standards, needs and desires. As a leader, I combine strategy and character, I lead by example with a hands-on approach, and communicate with staff to mentor and guide them. As a project manager, doing my “homework” is key to ensuring I have the advantage when interacting with vendors and contractors. Vendors don't manage me, I manage them to ensure the best quality of service while staying on budget.

For me, being hands-on also means being proactive. A good leader is always one step ahead, hands-on and “eyes-on”, to ensure the best possible outcome. Finally, being a true professional is not about being all things to all people, it is about adapting your approach to the specific needs of specific individuals.

In January 2020, I ventured to launch my own business providing high-end estate services on a consulting basis. For the past months, I have honed my business acumen, grown my network of vendors/contractors and deepened my professional skill set. Unfortunately with the Covid pandemic I was unable to reach my expectations.

I believe success in property and lifestyle management depends on the ability to provide exceptional services, adapt to different service standards and guide homeowners to the choices that best meet their needs.

The private hospitality industry needs elite experts that are the ultimate insiders.

Estate manager, Régisseur
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