Couple de régisseurs, Couple d'employés de maison

Ana Maria STOIAN et Luca CHIMINI

Little family looking for a new job “adventure”.

Hello we're Ana and Luca and our little boy John, currently living in the French part of Switzerland from Tuscany where we lived for 20 years.
We would love to take care of your house and helping you in running a (busy or no) family.
We're reliable and we have a positive attitude.
Luca's from Brescia likes tractors, vineyards and he likes to work in rural places.
He's good handyman he likes to take care of small gardens and he loves to cook, typical Italian dishes but only for few people.
Ana's from Bucharest excellent cleaner and really strict, she loves perfection, everything must be in the right place.
She's really good in work organisation and use computer.
She's a dog lover, they are both animal lover.
We both drive.
We would like to find a job that can fit with our new life as a mummy and daddy.
We hope to find a family to help and be part of it.
Thanks for now and hope to hear from you soon!
Ana Maria Stoian and Luca Chimini

Couple de régisseurs, Couple d'employés de maison
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