Estate manager, Masseur


My name is Teodor.
I am from Moldova but I have dual citizenship, including Romanian (European Union). I speak fluent English, Russian and Romanian (French beginner level).
I am looking for a Lifestyle PA HNWI/ Household Manager / PA to a celebrity. A job that could involve my multiple professional skills, qualities and experience.
I assume that there are few people who possess at a professional level so many skills i do, that a HNWI client might need.
But I am willing to learn and develop other qualities necessary to meet the requirements of my boss.
Besides the fact that I have more than 20 years experience of management, companies, people and big production events & Partys, i also possess some professional abilities like:
Massage (Swedish, Sport, Anti-cellulite etc. ) Fitness&Nutrition Coach (various Fitness Training Types. I can even teach Yoga or Pilates, at an appreciable level).
Dance Teacher & Choreographer (Former European Champion in Sport Dance Formation 1994-1997) I can teach almost any style of dance.
In addition, I have over 20 years of experience working with children, as a teacher of dance, sports & fitness, diction, acting and others. So, I'm good for a family with kids to.
Having a good experience in different sports (In my youth I held the black belt in judo and taekwondo), I can temporarily replace a bodyguard. I can also be a Chauffeur (over 25 years of driving experience). I also have advanced skills as a photographer and video operator due to my extensive experience in music production & Music Industry.
I can even cook when accidentally necessary. (I owned a restaurant and hotel business for 3+ years).
I have no family and no children, so I am willing to dedicate myself completely to the service and be available 24/7, including traveling or relocation anywhere.
Having the qualities of several professionals, I consider myself to be a suitable candidate for traveling. Instead of taking a few people on trips, you only take one with extended tasks.
I would also like to inform you that in my career as an artist&producer, I have met and collaborated with many elite people. Artists, businessmens or politicians. I know what it means to be the assistant of a man with great responsibilities and extremely busy. Respectively, I know what the privacy policy, loyalty & confidential means. I am a very loyal and discreet person and I quickly become attached to the people I work for.
Upon request, I can present more than 5 Letters of Recommendation from 3 former Prime Ministers and some HNWI who know me very well.
Thank you for your time.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely, Teodor.

Estate manager, Masseur
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