Butler, Head waiter


Madame, Sir,
after having worked in various Michelin-star restaurants and 12 years on cruise ships of top level such as Silversea, Seabourn, Regent, etc. . . I must say that discipline, perfect timekeeping and eye for details and perfection are some of my major qualities along being very switched-on, very hands-on and very social.
I am very flexible and I understand very well that the job and the principal always come on the first place… no matter what. I love animals especially dogs…
Having worked as executive trainer at the School for Butlers and Hospitality, I practise all aspects of the job a butler should do from shoe polishing, packing and unpacking, flower management, wardrobe management, valetting, silver service, Personnel management, etc. . .
I am looking forward to hearing from you should you need more information about me. . .

Butler, Head waiter
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